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cybersecurity 1

Hacks and scams

Over recent weeks the news has been inundated with reports of the cyber-attack and theft of customer personal information from Optus, one of Australia’s key phone and data providers.

retirement plan

Retirement…its more than just the money

Last week, I celebrated a significant career milestone. I clocked up 20 years working with my current employer.


What is the Jobseeker payment?

Over recent weeks I have received a number of enquiries from advisers with clients wanting to “retire early” in order to spend time with their older partner who is already…


Do I really need $1million in super to be able to retire?

Over the years there have been a number of articles published extolling the virtues of having a million dollars or more, in super to be able to retire comfortably.


Something positive from the pandemic

With COVID-19 having reaped havoc on the lives of 25 million everyday Australians it might seem strange to be making comments about positives.


New year…new rules

The start of the 2023 financial year heralds some significant changes to the rules governing contributions to superannuation.

elder abuse

Respecting our Elders

When I and my peers were growing up in the mid-1900’s in middle-class suburbia, the mantra “respect your elders” was constantly being drummed into us.

RYD Jan22

Retirement six months in!

On 17 September 2021, I retired from full-time work and started a new phase in my life. Although I have written numerous times about retirement, I previously had no real-life knowledge…